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Margie Grace, founder and lead designer of Grace Design Associates, Inc., is a landscape designer and a licensed landscape contractor. An avid traveler and perpetual student of gardens, she has made her own garden in Spain, Australia and New Zealand over the past three decades. Margie currently gardens in Santa Barbara. She prides herself on bringing the values of old world craftsmanship and a sophisticated design sense to her work on gardens, large and small, residential and commercial.

Margie’s formal training is in the life and earth sciences. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in biology with a minor in geology, awarded in 1981 from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Margie has also studied landscape design and illustration extensively at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Her diverse education and experience foster a unique, well-rounded approach to design. She collaborates closely with clients and artisans, creating projects in a wide range of design genres. Rather than a stylized approach to design, Margie strives to create projects that have the potential to impact people’s daily experience of the world and provide value to clients, the community and the environment.

Committed to sustainable development, Margie has served as the President of the Green Building Alliance for the past four years, actively collaborating with many other green professionals in the Santa Barbara community. Her work on Victoria Garden Mews, a multi-family infill project, was the first project worldwide to achieve 2-star Sustainable SITES Initiative certification for a residential project (2013).

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  1. It’s very nice! Italy is a beautiful country! But still a bit crowded as they live in these towns! Much better to live on a farm. Or even to travel with a backpack, then certainly will not be crowded the whole world)

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