Multi-Functional Pieces From Dot & Bo

It’s Fiesta time in Santa Barbara! We’ve got parades to go to and the rodeo is in town, so this is just a quick share of some of my current favorite “go to” items for the garden – and for entertaining in the garden. Viva la Fiesta!

The stuff I love for gardens can be used in multiple ways, which is why I’m drawn to the Dot & Bo collection for outdoor living. You’ll find these products work well in gardens of all styles.

Stand Tall Planter

Stand Tall Planter - Dot & Bo

This I can see half planted with grass, half covered with a slab to create a cool little side table. We design a lot of bocce courts, so in my mind’s eye I visualize this as a great piece for collecting balls courtside. If you have dogs like we do, you find yourself traipsing around the yard picking up dog toys. Where do you store them? This half-circle planter is the perfect place. Another use> Fill it up with ice and beverages.


Fill the Tub Plant Stand

Fill the Tub Plant Stand - Dot & Bo

Galvanized metal has a place in a formal garden, a modern one, or a cottage garden, even a really refined space. It just looks good with everything. This planter is particularly great because it’s modular: the tub separates from the stand. To create a pretty vignette you could remove the tub, place it on the ground and plant it up. Then put a slab topped with a collection of smaller containers on the stand.


Wander This Way Sign

Wander This Way Sign - Dot & Bo

There are a million ways to make guests feel special and welcomed, and I’m a fan of them all. There’s a focus on pedestrian-friendly way finding in the gardens we design, and this sign speaks directly to the issue: announce to your guests where they should go to find the party. It can also be used as part of holiday displays on Easter and Halloween. It’s a piece that can be used again and again, and never seems to get older, thanks to the distressed look of galvanized metal, which appears aged from the start.


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