Details: New Digs…Cool Stuff…Our Favorites!

We’re knee deep into our remodel and we’re drilling down into the details.  As you read on you’ll get a sneak peak at some cool stuff we have planned for our new digs…and of course some of our favorite items we will be using!

dining room before

The fun and funky fireplace in the dining room gets hipper with the addition of fireballs.

fireballs revised

Uber cool!

back of house before

allen construction revised

The whole back of the house gets opened up with awesome accordion doors and bifold windows with inside-outside counter like this photo from a project by our friends at Allen Construction (windows from Sierra Pacific – thanks Nancee!)

bathroom before

I know, I know… we may miss the cave-like feel of the master bath in it’s current incarnation., but…

traditional master bath revised

The master bath will be all about light and tranquility — carrara marble, glass and a picture window framing a garden vignette.

Zen Garden

I want to look out the picture window in the master bath and see something wonderfully tranquil — something that transports you to another place.

chinese doors

I’ve always loved these gates (on a project we did years ago)… [photo on left]

We beat the bushes and found these antique Chinese gates [photo on right] to work into the composition — we’ve got a fix on four pairs for a killer price! I’m going to use this one for the secret garden that can be viewed from the master bath only.  LOVE the – what, beaver? – and the deer — fun! This side will be seen from the yard only, so I think we get away with the detour from the architectural style of the house… I think our neighbor, Madame Ganna Walska would approve.

chinese doors

The much simpler back side will be seen from the bathroom, consistent with the calm and restful feel of the space. (Note that the shiny finish – a sealant applied to starve out agricultural pests – wears off quickly to give a beautiful, mellow patina.)

knob final 2

knob final 1

Favorite purse-friendly find to date? These knobs and pulls for the cabinets — exactly what we’re looking for at a quarter of the price!  Thanks Houzz!


Sneak peak into our next blog post…

Details: Introducing the Botanical Comb-Over

I don’t want this to come off as a rant… but time and time again we roll up on a situation in the garden. Something that demands we fall back on – wait for it! – the botanical equivalent of a comb-over. Yep. You heard that right…the botanical equivalent of a comb-over.

Stay tuned to discover this closely held trade secret. In my next blog we’ll explore the theme of the botanical comb-over and share our favorite comb-over plants, right here on The Art of Outdoor Living.

ac comb over

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