My definition of “luxury”!

New Year, New Voice! We’re proud to introduce our friend, colleague and oft-times-client Penny Bianchi of McCormick Interiors and her blog post about the finer things in life.

Sometimes the luxuries we value most are so personal to our taste that they merit explanation. In her post, Penny divulges the the elements that make up her beautiful world: there are some surprises in the mix!


noun (pl-ries 

1.   indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living
2.   (sometimes plsomething that is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity

3.   something pleasant and satisfying: the luxury of independence

This definition works for me!

Now;  I will tell you what this means to me!  And I suspect it will be quite different from others! But maybe not!


I will start here!  My picnic table my friend found in the nearby “collective antique store” for my 18 chairs I found in  Paris at the flea market 30 years ago!  And my beloved bantam “mille fleurs Belgian chickens”!  Every morning I let them out of their coop!  The joy of seeing them…indescribable!!!..the roosters, the chicks…and they change every day!

Not to mention their delicious eggs! LUXURY!  Not to most;  but to me!!!


Meeting my friend Brooke for the first time!  She and her husband Steve are two of my most treasured luxuries!  Who could have known how close  and beloved we could become!  When she called me her “mentor” and said that our house had inspired “Patina Farm” (I get goosebumps typing this!!) was one of the great “luxuries” of my entire life!!! Honestly.


My family!  Here is my darling husband and two grandchildren at “Grandparents day” a few years ago! Tremendous “luxury”!!! 5 out of  our 7 grandchildren  live within a mile of us!  Lordy!  LUXURY!!!


My Balinese chicken coop;  designed and built by my beloved talented Radisha! Every single day I see it;  I think of him….and what a luxury!  (as you can see the chickens love it too!!)


One of my greatest luxuries EVER were my parents!  My Daddie died when I was 4; and my Mommie when I was 33;  but I had the luxury of the most loving and supportive parents…in every way!  And then I discovered this amazing video a few years ago!  (my cousin’s contractor discovered)! The BIGGEST LUXURY OF THE LAST DECADE!


An enormous luxury is our amazing house and garden we created out of a “vacant lot” 18 years ago!  With more birds and creatures than you can imagine!  The quail running to their roosts; and their sounds in the morning fill my heart with joy….and are a luxury far beyond!!!


My mother’s pink azalea in a pot…I’ve been dragging that thing around for 60 years…(honestly, I have proof!) and every year when it blooms; It is as though she is saying hello!


Our pond!  (It was a luxury before when we dug it and it filled with water) But then;  with the drought… went away!  SOB!!!! My husband Adam spent a fortune to line it.  The minute it was lined and the water trucked in;  we set the duck houses in position;  the mother duck for the last 7 years showed up and claimed our pond and her house! Hatched 7 ducklings the earliest ever in 17 years!  March 6th!

My idea of Luxury! More pictures of things I consider luxuries!  Friends, places I have stayed, things I love.  Those are true luxuries to me!


My friend Renee’s house!


My friend James visit and his partner’s photo of us with dogs!


My husband and my visit to the Columbe d’Or 30 years ago or something!


My deer I bought from Nathan Turner when he was moving his shop!  Above my living room window!


Part of our garden!


My office!


My path to the pond!


My collection I discovered of china collected over 65 years!


My ducklings every single year!  (this was last year….they narrowly escaped by walking a mile to my neighbor’s pond!!!


My collection of the artist Marcel Vertes started by my mother in 1961; and greatly aided by eBay!!! And I haven’t even started on my great luxury of true and talented friends.

I am a very rich woman;  indeed!

So to wrap it up:


1. indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living
2. (sometimes plsomething that is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity
3. something pleasant and satisfying: the luxury of independence

All those things apply to what I consider “luxury”!!

Sneak peak into our next blog post…

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