Details: New Digs…New Project

Big news! After 26 years in the same digs, we’re making a move. What could possibly woo us away from our beloved home on Tranquil Street? We weren’t intending to move; there were extenuating circumstances…

…We’ve had a bug for beautifying tired spaces over the past few years…

Craftsman house
A recent Craftsman remodel (our future retirement home… someday…)
kitchen before and after remodel
Our new kitchen (before and after)

and we had just finished a project with Clark Collins, one of our most favorite people to work with. Clark is Yoda when it comes to renovations. He sees beauty in blight and (seemingly) effortlessly produces Cinderella projects one after another. Working with Clark always revs up our creative juices. His wheelhouse is architectural and interior design; ours is landscapes and old houses. Clark, Dawn and I have a lot of cross-over interests and experiences. We learn from one another and relish the details of everything when we’re in the sandbox together.

Andante Road Remodel
The first of Clark’s projects we worked on – Clark’s work inside (stunning!)
mission canyon remodel before and after
…and our work on the outside (landscape) – before and after

and a client had just cancelled his project, preferring to sell the property instead of moving forward on a planned major remodel. We had done so much thinking on the proposed project that Dawn and I thought hmmmmm, since the place was now on the open market, maybe we should take on the venture ourselves…

The project that went away... and started it all
The project that went away… and started it all

and our friend, Troy Hoidal, local realtor extraodinaire said he knew of a better place for sale on the same street…

and it’s right next to Ganna Walska Lotusland…

and Ganna Walska is one of my heroes…

Ganna Walska

and Lotusland is one of the BEST PLACES on planet Earth…

and you can see Ganna Walska’s iconic pink stucco wall from the front door…

and it had finally, finally, FINALLY rained…

and Spring was in the air…

spring at Lotusland

and WELL, next thing you know, we had bought ourselves a project!

It ain’t much to look at now, but it’s structurally sound and it has good bones.

Check out the grounds, the beautiful trees and the park-like feel – that’s what stole our hearts! We’re starting to plan the garden facelift now. We’ll definitely retain this feel in the back yard.

Lotusland reproduction grotesque

and we’ll definitely incorporate some of Lotusland’s reproduction grotesques in the garden.

Margie and Troy in the front yard

and we’ll definitely get rid of a whole bunch of asphalt in the front yard – where we plan to riff off of Lotusland’s fantastical gardens…

Blue Garden at Lotusland
Photo credit: Ken

…maybe something inspired by The Blue Garden in the new motor court…
(I’d love to drive home to this site everyday!)

Photo credit: Lotusland
Photo credit: Lotusland

…or maybe something inspired by the cacti and weeping Euphorbias around the main residence…

Zen Garden

We’re thinking about a Japanese-esque garden in the front yard – if we can figure out how to pull it off gracefully. Something akin to the project we did years ago, shown in the photo above.

The interiors will be more challenging…

Kitchen before remodel
Orange sink anyone?

We got some input from our bud Clark. He’s stopped by to check out the house, give us a few words of encouragement and set us on the right path. Then he went home and straightaway sent us a housewarming present – From the Land, our favorite new book – to help us nail down the right vibe for the project. (Did I mention we love Clark?) As always, he was spot on with his take on the project.

from the land

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and look forward to getting your feedback on the project as we roll along!


Sneak peak into our next blog post…

Details: New Digs…New Project – A Little Inspiration Goes A Long Way

before and inspiration
existing (left) – inspiration photo (right)

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