Small but Mighty…The Garden Stool –
The Workhorse of Garden Furniture

We just completed a gorgeous fire pit and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect outdoor stools to provide extra seating that will look great in the space and…

Travel Along With Us –
Discover Portugal: Paving the Great Way

I’ve got a lot to share from our recent trip to Portugal (link). One of the things that rocked my landscape world was the magnificent paving. Streets, sidewalks, parks, palaces,…

Travel Along With Us –
Discover Portugal

Dawn and I decided to run away from home this Christmas. Hit the road for a little R & R — and a little inspiration. The ideal holiday, we mused,…

My Favorite Gardens:
Hidden Valley Part 2 –
A Hidden Garden

In my last post, a whole mess of paving was transformed into one of the world’s sexiest parking lots. (Click here if you missed it: Hidden Valley Part 1 –…

My Favorite Gardens:
Hidden Valley Part 1 –
The World’s Sexiest Parking Lot

Frank and Debbi came to us after their new garage and parking area were finished, the latter being a sprawling expanse of paving that accommodated half a dozen cars. It…