Silver Award!
Padaro Lane Beachfront Retreat

Our Padaro Lane project takes Silver at the 2018 APLD International Landscape Design Awards!

Location, location, location, right?  This house definitely had that… and more! Filled with light, right on the sand, breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean – It’s the perfect weekend getaway!

However, a crucial element was missing – a connection to the beach! Coming off the back deck would lead you into a dense overgrowth of vegetation, with no space to relax and no opportunity to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view mere inches away! 
Rounding the corner of the house you can barely see the blue of the ocean.

The beach – on grade with the backyard – was reached by climbing up three steps then back down three steps.The solution? Remove the overgrown vegetation and import 40 cubic yards of sand to raise the whole area 18” and connect it to the beach.

Dry-stacked Sydney Peak flagstone was used to retain the imported sand. Under the existing raised wood deck, the sand is retained by a wall built from old concrete stepping stones salvaged on site, creating an area to stash all the beach gear out of sight, yet easy to grab and go…

A landing of long, narrow, sandblasted concrete pavers connects the steps from the house to the beach. Paths made from the same material move you through the garden spaces.

Existing granite rip-rap – vital for privacy and protection from high surf – is brought into the composition with a stone bench built right into the boulders.

The stone bench and custom concrete-and-teak chairs provide seating around a campfire-style fire pit.

A portion of the yard was left at the original grade and a new cedar post “driftwood” screen was added to provide  privacy for the new outdoor shower.

Pots make the deck more welcoming and help accentuate the flow of circulation.

A new custom-built teak bench provides a handy place to put on shoes or set down beach gear.

Personal touches by the homeowners make this beach getaway their own.




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