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I’ve been designing and building gardens in Santa Barbara for 30+ years (yikes – where does the time go???). We live in our gardens here – the climate is that mild – and we aim for a seamless blend of inside and outside. And because the scenery is the main act, we want everything to be approachable and comfortable without stealing from the natural beauty that surrounds us.


Magazines often refer to this way of living as the Santa Barbara lifestyle, although you don’t have to be in Santa Barbara per se: it applies to all mild-climate areas. I think of it as living life simply, elegantly, comfortably and fully. What we have here is the art of outdoor living, where nature, garden, home, lifestyle, art and design converge. It sounds like a fairy tale, I know, but but there’s not an ounce of hyperbole in my description. That’s where I found the name for the blog, in the life I live, and the lives we in Santa Barbara so completely enjoy.

If you love the Santa Barbara lifestyle, this blog, The Art of Outdoor Living is for you.


Are you seeking inspiration? I’ll share my discoveries, favorite resources, upcoming events, the odd whim and, almost certainly, an occasional photo of a Cocker Spaniel. I’ll share the design process, our current projects and lessons learned from our unique approach to landscapes, outdoor living and life in general.


If you’re into travel, look to this blog for ideas brought home during my trips abroad. The sublime Central Coast lifestyle is not alone in its beauty, so I’m forever on the hunt for design and lifestyle concepts that are deserving imports.


Love reading? I love writing, so we’re a good pair. I’m looking forward to a lively and wholly worthwhile journey together.

Sneak peak into our next blog post…

Villa del Greco Part 1: First Steps

tiled fountain

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to The Art of Outdoor Living

    1. Thanks Vicki! I look forward to sharing what we’re up to, what’s happening in the gardening world, and getting to know our readers – that’s you!

    1. Hi Ann! Thanks for joining us on The Art of Outdoor Living. We look forward to bringing topics of interest plus a healthy dose of beautiful garden photos, new finds and current events.

  1. I look forward to everything you will share on this blog….I am one of your biggest fans and follow your work on Houzz, Sunset, Good Housekeeping and with gratitude, in my own backyard. So happy you are doing this Margie!

  2. I love your work and would love it even more if it were in my yard! Excellent designs! Very inspiring!

  3. I visit your website often for inspiration. My wife and I are trying to figure out how to create our outdoor living space. We live in San Clemente, CA where the weather is perfect every day of the year 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your time and talents here on your website.

    All the best to you and your readers.

    1. Thank you Matthew, we really strive to inspire! Good luck to you and your wife in creating your outdoor living space.


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